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[TUTORIAL] How to download and install custom atasindicators addon library for free

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We can install for FREE the library and access many useful and unique (custom made) trading indicators.

Navigate to the following link to download the module: https://atasindicators.com/downloads/atasindicators.com.dll

After downloading it it might tell you it is not commonly downloaded because the file is still new, select "Keep" anyway.



Later when it is downloaded, locate it on your computer like this:


After clicking it should direct you to the actual location:


Right click on the file and press "Copy"


After copying the file, on the left you can find the "Documents" folder. Click on that:


When you are located in Documents, find a folder called "ATAS" (the folder will be there as long as you have logged into ATAS platform once)


Find a folder called "Indicators" and double click on it so you can open it up:


The folder should be empty (even if it is not) - just right click with your mouse and click "Paste"


If everything went correctly, you should be able to see the file located in the Documets ATAS Indicators folder now just like that:


In case your ATAS platform is currently running, it will tell you with a desktop notification that some indicator libraries have been updated. In order to instantly install/update the indicators, press the icon marked with yellow circle like in the screenshot or simply fully restart the ATAS platform.


And now the installation is ready!

Check this topic for follow up how to add the custom indicators to your charts:




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