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[PAID INDICATOR] Fractals CVD Divergence

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Most of us know what CVD divergence is, for example when price action is making lower highs and lower lows, yet cumulative volume delta keeps going higher and higher. This means that bigger players are absorbing market longs with their limit short orders. We also know how to spot divergences with the naked eye, by drawing lines or looking at number data and doing the decision for ourselves. But this is time consuming and we cherish our time when analyzing charts.

Here is an example using the traditional (slow) way:


Now I introduce you with the "Fractals CVD Divergence" indicator which will save you tons of time showing you these divergencies instantly. The rules are the following; a "fractal" has to form (shown as colored candle) and based on that same fractal (after forming) the next candles will be decided if they have delta with divergence.  The indicator shows this via printing orange or blue arrows. This provides great scalping opportunities especially when used with confluence when even seconds matter in taking the decision. Remember that this indicator should be used only on paper trading (demo accounts) and should not be as financial advice since sometimes delta can be with leading indication (e.g. wrong).

Now a screenshot example using our indicator:


Another example but for a potential long trade on your paper trade account. Arrow appears once divergence worth of 3,000,000$ or more occurs:


Here is a more zoomed out picture on a 5minute chart with CVD divergence formations using the indicator:


An example chart for ATOMUSDT on ByBit. Delta threshold had to be changed in this case:



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New update released:


Now you can choose if you want your fractals to form with 4 or 8 surrounding candles which leads to slower but more precise lows and highs.
Here is how it looks like by default (with 4 candles for a fractal)

And here is how it looks like when you check "Use slower fractal formation" (with 8 candles for a fractal)


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